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Web Development. Web Design. Mobile Applications. E-Commerce.

We describe ourselves as a small web development agency, located in Warrington and with another office in Liverpool. We quietly go about making unique digital products. Between us, our 'senior' team have over 20 years combined experience in web development and design.

Our Team

Two designers, two developers and a marketeer walk into a bar. They stare at each other and all say, “doesn’t this make a great team? Drinks all round”! And here we all are on a page. Have a read, see who you like and why not get in touch?

Carl Gamble
Development Director
CG makes the "Code" out of Code and Create. A keen advocate for all things Microsoft and a die hard fan of AngularJS (It will return one day), CG heads up the custom web / software builds. CG can be found involved in most of the home grown products and playing pretend manager with the rest of the team. A genuine nerd coupled with being the 'chatty' one in the office means anybody interacting needs to be careful not to found themselves in a 3 hour "hi" conversation.
Development90Bright Ideas73Stackoverflow Dependant92Easily Distracted100UI / UX Design4Printers fixed0
John Coady
Design Director
JC makes the "Create" out of Code and Create. A genuine interest in all things design combined with keeping up with the latest trends keeps him at the top of his talents. Not to become too comfortable with his remit, JC is also currently undertaking his 2nd degree, this time in Computer Science, to expand his skill set into the development side of the business too. Outside of the office JC can be found with his family, rolling around floors, playing builder / DIY handyman or in paddling in cold water.
Design88Procrastinating10Development20Watch Identification Skills99DIY Handyman75Bath Temperature °C11
Adam Tilston
Marketing Partner
Our partner, who art now in Resin. AT came to C&C many moons ago (2018), chatting about a web project. After going AWOL for 12 months, he popped back up in 2019 looking very different (a freelancer rather than a perm). After a collaborative piece of work, he impressed us that much that we've partnered with him and his team at Resin Marketing. AT is usually the writer of words, the thinker upper of strategies, relationship handler and champion of clients getting more from digital. He’s also the oldest in the office. Which we remind him. Daily.
Strategy99Copywriting98Talker75Pop Culture Lover86Developer0World 1-1
Mike Carney
Mid-Weight Designer
MC joined the C&C team in August 2020, smack bang in the middle of a pandemic. As the resident designer, he's the man who leads on creative for our digital projects. As an aficionado of all things design, be it UI or print, he loves nothing more than jamming his headphones on and wiring into a new project!⁠ Outside of the office, MC is an avid gamer and movie buff, enjoys crippling himself with spicy food and increasing his collection of beanies.
Design100UI/UX Design85No of beanies owned10Procrastination53Development13Dark Souls Platinums3
Brian Alldred
Junior Web Developer
A Computer Science whizz (a 1st BSc no less), chess master and a calming influence over the office, BA is also a BIG fan of classical music. With culinary wizard skills to match his dev ones, he can flip you a Filipino dish you’ll not likely forget (a nod to his half-Filipino heritage). He’s our front-end developer who’s shaping into our full-stack go to pro.
Development85React73Serenity99Caps Owned12Chess ELO1586Mr. Easy Money100

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Our Skills

"What's your tech stack then"?

It's a question that pops up now and again. And because we're a specialist web development studio, we love to provide a thorough answer. From the front end capabilities, anything involving bespoke WordPress builds, clean web frameworks using React, and not forgetting Gatsby with WP are where we excel.

Backend, we’re dab hands at .Net Core, C# and SQL Server (with some Drupal thrown in). Webapp wise, throw your Javascript, React and Vue challenges this way. E-commerce wise, Shopify, WooCommerce and Stripe integration. Skills test, passed (hopefully).

The Office

What would you expect to find in a web development studio? Quite a lot. We equip and surround ourselves with home comforts and professional tools, from music provided by Spotify delivered via Alexa ("play some banging tunes please") to multi-monitor workstations with comfy gaming chairs. In Liverpool, we can see Wales from our desks, a fine sight on a cold morning. Between the machines we own, there's a query about which one gets used the most, with the Nespresso the usual answer.

How much do you charge for Web Development?

Pass the string, and we'll check how long it is. In all honesty, we'd love for this to be a straightforward answer. It all depends on a few details, and one is understanding what you're looking to achieve. But, We've tried to answer this and more on our FAQ's page.