About Code and Create

We describe ourselves as a 'compact' web design agency, located in the heart of Warrington. We're a young agency, quietly going about making amazing products.

Our 'senior' team have over 20 years combined experience in website design, development and strategy.
Carl Gamble
Development Director
CG makes the "Code" out of Code and Create. A keen advocate for all things Microsoft and a die hard fan of AngularJS (It will return one day), CG heads up the custom web / software builds. CG can be found involved in most of the home grown products and playing pretend manager with the rest of the team. A genuine nerd coupled with being the 'chatty' one in the office means anybody interacting needs to be careful not to found themselves in a 3 hour "hi" conversation.
Development 90
Bright Ideas 73
Stackoverflow Dependant 92
Easily Distracted 100
UI / UX Design 4
Annoying MH 93
John Coady
Design Director
JC makes the "Create" out of Code and Create. A genuine interest in all things design combined with keeping up with the latest trends keeps him at the top of his talents. Not to become too comfortable with his remit, JC is also currently undertaking his 2nd degree, this time in Computer Science, to expand his skill set into the development side of the business too. Outside of the office JC can be found with his family, rolling around floors or playing builder / DIY handyman.
Design 88
Procrastinating 10
Development 20
Watch Identification Skills 99
DIY Handyman 75
Annoying MH 92
Mark Holland
Senior Web Developer
MH is the teams source of all knowledge. C&C has a saying "what MH doesn't know isn't worth knowing". Sprinkles of MH's code can be found in almost all C&C projects adding ninja level js/css to projects to make them that next level. To prevent boredom out of the office MH decided to undertake a PhD. Acting as a shining beacon of hope to the rest of the team, we all aspire to one day be half the dev he is today.
Ninja Dev Skills 100
Accessibility Guru 99
Dr 75
Red Bull Dependant 89
jQuery Slayer 100
Annoying MH 0
Meg Clements-Paterson
Web Development Apprentice
MCP originally came to C&C as a digital marketing apprentice... And took just 3 months after dabbling in code to get a taste for development and change career! Complimenting up and coming coding skills, MCP also has ninja-level talents with Photoshop. Outside of the office MCP enjoys drawing, singing and sleeping until the PM on weekends.
Web Development 50
Photoshop 92
Lunch Prep 5
Gullible 70
Design 80
Annoying MH 100
Aaron Lee
Web Design Apprentice
AL is our longest serving team member! He came to us with dreams of being the next rock star web designer, and is currently about 0.32% towards that goal. What AL lacks in technical knowledge he makes up for with his barista talents, keeping the rest of the team topped up on caffeine. Outside of work AL enjoys football, and likes turtles.
Web Design 50
Barista 95
Socks and Sandles 100
Highway Code 20
Fast Food Dependant 87
Annoying MH 100
Emily Noble
Junior Web Developer
EN is currently with C&C for a 12 month placement (aka Gap Yarrr) and is heading up a product evaluation and re-design for Re-Match. Building on top of existing knowledge from Uni EN is on a steep learning curve learning all the nitty gritty detail (good and bad!) that goes along with finding balance between coding and user experience. Outside of the office EN can be found riding superbikes, doing track days or in a karaoke bar.
Doodler 76
UX Design 68
Teetotal 80
Caffeine Dependant 5
Grime Enthusiasm 100
Annoying MH 1

Our Ethos

As a company, we're still young. As a result, we still dream and strive for grandious ideas.
If the internet was a country, it would rank sixth for electricity usage. But we can do something about it.
We create websites with performance as a priority.

Our websites run more efficiently, they require less processing power and have a lower carbon footprint.
Over the last few months Warrington Borough Council have been working with the guys at Code and Create on developing a new standalone website for everyone’s favourite Warrington park – Walton Gardens. From the very beginning of this project this company have been a joy to work with. Attentive, understanding and ultimately very knowledgeable they have manged to bring together a lot of very different concepts and ideas and produce a marvellous website that now does full justice to Walton Hall and Gardens estate. I would highly recommend their services and if you’re reading this review – trust me – they are the right fit for you.Frank Allen, Digital Services, Warrington Borough CouncilCode and Create and Walton Gardens

The Office

Just like our products and everything we do, we also take pride in our 9-5 working space. We equip and surround ourselves with home comforts as well as professional tools; from music provided by spotify delivered via Alexa, to multi-monitor workstations with comfort gaming chairs (and yes, access to a ping pong table!). Between the 6 machines on staff desks, there is a query as to whether the machine that works the most is the nespresso machine and milk frother.

How much will it cost to....?

This is probably one of the most common questions.
We've tried to answer this and more on our FAQ's page.