Branch Tech Recruitment

When you’re starting a new recruitment company, you need to get out of the blocks quickly. Matthew Lewis, director of Branch, needed a brand, website and tone that matched his ambitions and ethics, all from scratch. As someone who works to tight deadlines, quality and speed also needed to go hand in hand.
It was fantastic to work with the team at Code + Create. I came to them with an idea of how I wanted Branch to look and feel. I left with a brand and website I can be proud of
Matthew Lewis, Director, Branch Recruitment

The Brief

Delivered Services

With a deadline of just two weeks, we initiated several sprint sessions that covered identity (logo, devices, copy), web design and, finally, development and build. Upon launch, the site was going to be “skinny”, due to the nature of being a new start-up. Job posts, integration with job boards and extra page functionality were all planned to launch at later dates.

Building the site in Gatsby, React and utilising WordPress backend, the static nature means it’s incredibly quick, with page scores of at least 98. From a user experience perspective, the overriding objective was to push visitors to the job vacancies available, with calls to action likely to come in at a later date. The design kept things simple, striking a balance between clinical and functional.

Given the nature of the recruitment sector Branch was entering, we took additional care and afterthought to the technical development aspect of the website, anticipating the technical audience Matthew and Branch would be targeting visiting the site and judging them on their own digital asset development.